Melody Music Gallery

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Photo Gallery

We pride ourselves on building this wonderful musical community with our amazing students.

We learn, play, create music and laugh together!

Video Gallery

We offer recording opportunities to our students to improve their performance techniques as well as self-confidence.

AMEB violin AMus exam preparation – Mozart concerto 5, Brahms Hungarian dance, Vivaldi | Lena

Our talented violin student Lena has been working on her AMEB AMus Grade exam.

All I ask of you (Phantom of the opera) piano solo | Tyrone

Our young piano student Tyrone recorded “All I ask of you” from Phantom of the opera at our ensemble room.

Maria – Francisco Tarrega | AMEB Classical Guitar grade 8 | Luke S.

A talented guitar student Luke is playing one of his 8th grade classical guitar piece called ‘Maria’ (written by Francisco Tarrega). Well done Luke!

Melody Music Academy Student Mini-Concert 

Highlight showreel of the Student Mini-Concert at our ensemble room. Everyone did a great job. Thanks for your wonderful performances and amazing supports!

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