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AMEB violin AMus exam preparation – Mozart concerto 5, Brahms Hungarian dance, Vivaldi | Lena

Our talented violin student, Lena, has worked hard to reach the Diploma level on the violin, where she has prepared a 30-minute program with pieces spanning various styles from Baroque to modern. She has honed her techniques, refined her concepts of the exam pieces, and developed her ensemble skills. Despite the demanding journey, Lena has found joy in pursuing her passion for the violin.

Cleaning day rag (AMEB Piano for leisure Grade 2) | Josiah S.

Our young piano student, Josiah, has been exploring a range of piano pieces from the AMEB Piano for Leisure series, including jazz, blues, and classical. We have been focusing on improving his timing, musical expression, and overall technique. Hope you enjoy his dynamic performance on this delitful ragtime piece

All I ask of you (Phantom of the opera) piano solo | Tyrone

One of our talented piano students, Tyrone, recently recorded a performance of “All I ask of you” from Phantom of the Opera in our ensemble room. Tyrone’s passion for learning new songs, styles, and techniques is truly inspiring. He has been working on this piece for a couple of months and his dedication truly shines through in his performance. We hope you enjoy listening to Tyrone’s beautiful rendition as much as he enjoys playing it!

Spanish Romance – Classical guitar | Damiano

Our guitar student Damiano has been making incredible progress since he started learning with us. Recently, he recorded one of his favorite pieces from the AMEB classical guitar series and we’re blown away by his performance. It’s amazing to see how much he enjoys playing this song and how much he has improved in just two months. We’re so proud of him and can’t wait to see what he accomplishes next!

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (John William) | Piano solo | Jonathan V. 

Playing John Williams’ iconic Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter on the piano is a joy for any fan of the film franchise. Our piano student, Jonathan, has been putting in a lot of effort to perfect the piece, despite a hectic schedule filled with work and other commitments. It’s always gratifying to play a beloved tune on your favorite instrument, and we’re incredibly proud of Jonathan’s progress. Keep up the great work!

Maria – Francisco Tarrega | AMEB Classical Guitar grade 8 |  Luke S.

Our talented guitar student Luke has been working diligently on his 8th grade classical guitar piece, ‘Maria’, written by Francisco Tarrega. We’re thrilled to see our students progress and achieve their goals, and Luke’s recent performance in our ensemble room was nothing short of impressive. Well done, Luke! We’re incredibly proud of you.

Apple tree – 5 year-old violin student

Our talented violin student Celestia recorded her favorite learning piece, ‘Apple Tree,’ with John during her lesson. She’s been developing very good bowing technique and intonation!

Over the rainbow | Veronica and John

Veronica started her violin journey with us as an adult beginner, and she’s been one of the quickest learners we’ve had the pleasure of teaching. Recently, we recorded a beautiful piece that we’d been working on for some time, and it was a thrilling experience for both of us.

Canon Rock – COVID Melody Special

Due to COVID-19, we couldn’t hold an in-person student concert. Instead, we asked each student to play one bar of Pachelbel’s Canon and combined the clips into a video. Most of the students played impromptu and did a great job. We’re proud of their dedication and hard work. Enjoy our special rendition of Pachelbel’s Canon.

Melody Music Academy Student Mini-Concert

Student Mini-Concert at our ensemble room. Everyone did a great job. Thanks for your wonderful performances and amazing supports!

2016 Term 2 Junior Student Concert

We had a fantastic Junior Students’ Concert at the Melody Music Academy! It was heartwarming to see the young students confidently perform in front of their loved ones. Great live music and lots of fun!

Melody Music Academy Concert 2014

Great job to our junior students for their hard work and wonderful performance at our 2014 Soiree! We are grateful for your amazing support.

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