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AMEB violin AMus exam preparation – Mozart concerto 5, Brahms Hungarian dance, Vivaldi | Lena

After years of hard work on violin, you get to grade 8, then Certificate of Performance level then Amus level. For this level students prepare 25 – 40 minute program with repertoires in different styles from Baroque to modern. Our talented violin student Lena has been working on her techniques, concepts of the exam pieces, expressions, ensemble skills and a lot more. It’s such a demanding journey. But, when you love it you don’t mind at all!

Over the rainbow | Veronica and John

Veronica started learning violin with us from scratch as an adult student. She turned out to be one of the fastest growing violin students ever! It was thrilling to record this song for both of us as we’ve been working on this beautiful piece for a while. To me, as an music teacher it’s an incredibly rewarding experience to see how much she enjoys playing the violin.

All I ask of you (Phantom of the opera) piano solo | Tyrone

Our talented piano student Tyrone recorded “All I ask of you” from Phantom of the opera at our ensemble room. Tyrone is very passionate about learning new songs, new styles or new techniques. He’s been playing this song for a couple of months. Hope you enjoy listening to the his performance as much as he does!

Spanish Romance – Classical guitar | Damiano

Our guitar student Damiano recorded one of his favorite pieces from AMEB classical guitar series. He really enjoys playing this song and made great progress. Check out what he’s achieved within 2 months. Well done Damiano! So proud!!

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter (John William) | Piano solo | Jonathan V. 

Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter composed by John William. It’s a great piece to play on the piano. Jonathan has been working hard on the piece within his extremely busy weekly routine with his work and other commitments. It’s so nice when you can play your favorite song on your favorite instrument! Jonathan has really good piano hands! (The reason for zooming up. 🙂

Maria – Francisco Tarrega | AMEB Classical Guitar grade 8 |  Luke S.

Our guitar student Luke is playing one of his 8th grade classical guitar piece called ‘Maria’ (written by Francisco Tarrega) at our ensemble room. Well done Luke!

Student Concerts

Melody Music Academy Student Mini-Concert

Student Mini-Concert at our ensemble room. Everyone did a great job. Thanks for your wonderful performances and amazing supports!

2016 Term 2 Junior Student Concert

Highlight show-reel of the Melody Music Academy Junior Students’ Concert held in the Ensemble Room on Sunday, 26 June 2016. The concert was pretty amazing. It was great to watch the young students playing their well-prepared pieces in front of the parents and friends. We were all very proud of them! A lot of wonderful live music to enjoy and a lot of laughs!

Melody Music Academy Concert 2014

Our Junior Student Soiree in 2014. Thanks for your hard work and wonderful performance. Thanks again for your amazing supports!

What other students say about us

I’ve been always very enthusiastic about the benefits of learning a musical instrument.
As a mum of eleven and nine year old sons, I am so pleased that my children are both learning the piano at Melody Music Academy.
There are a lot of options out there, but I wanted my kids learn from experienced, skilful and patient piano teachers.
As professional musicians with a fantastic skill for interacting with young children, my two sons’ piano teachers at the Academy offer all that and more. They are really great working with both my boys who have totally different learning paces and interests. Their weekly progress with the piano is quite remarkable.
Crystal K.

Crystal (Parent)

I’ve always had a passion to be able to play the piano but never expected I could really enjoy the process of learning so much.
Melody Music Academy was recommended to me by a friend whose daughters have been learning piano for last several years. The teaching method at the Academy is adaptable with all age groups and all those different styles of music were available to learn. Being a complete beginner 10 months ago, muddling through the notes, fingerings and simple songs, I am now much more confident while playing and reading music, something I thought I would never achieve.
My piano teacher at the Academy has made me recognise the real joy of music and how much fun it can be to learn and play.
I would have no hesitation in recommending this place whether you are a complete beginner wanting to do this for fun or if you are studying music more seriously and are aiming to achieve more advanced skills and knowledge.
David C.

David (Piano student)

My two girls have been studying violin and guitar at Melody Music Academy for about 5 years now.
We began when they were six and seven, and it has been a really great experience. From the very beginning the teachers at the Academy have been so wonderful with the girls who have learned so much from their lessons.
It has been such a joy to see them grow musically every week!
The teachers are great communicators and have been extremely dedicated for their teaching to help our girls develop their skills and knowledge. By sharing the music teachers’ professional experiences, they consistently challenged my kids to grow and have really become mentors  and friends they don’t want to disappoint.
It’s great to see my two girls playing pieces together making beautiful duo at our house!
Jane (mum)

Jane (Parent)

My daughter has been taking violin lessons at Melody Music Academy for nearly 4 years.
It has been great to watch her learn and blossom into a confident violinist under the instruction of the teacher of the Academy. My daughter loves playing violin and always looks forward to her lesson each week, challenging herself to be the best that she can be. My daughter’s violin teacher and the rest of the Academy staffs work hard to bring out the best in their student musicians.
And, after years of wishing I’d learned to play piano when I was younger, I’ve finally begun taking lessons as well! My piano teacher is such a patient and very knowledgeable instructor which makes the challenge of learning a new instrument turn into a joy.
We are very happy to be studying music with Melody Music Academy.
(Feb 2013)

Ivy (Parent & Student)
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