Lesson Policies and Procedures

  1. Enrolment and Payment  
  • Payment should be made promptly before lessons begin.
  • After two initial assessment lessons, lessons are to be paid per school term in advance.
  • If full payment is not received by the due date, the student’s lesson time-slot will not be retained.
  • If the student decides to discontinue lessons, lesson fees paid in advance are non-refundable.
  • Re-enrolment for the next term is confirmed by making payment in full before the end of the prior term (i.e. before school holidays).
  • If the student decides to discontinue lessons in the next term, 3 weeks’ advance notice must be given before the end of the current term.
  1. Cancellations and Rescheduling
  • If the student is unable to attend a lesson, please let us know as soon as possible by calling or sending an SMS.
  • Make-up lessons will only be guaranteed if the student informs us at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.
  • Make-up lessons will be rescheduled where possible during the current term. They cannot be carried over to following terms.
  • Please remember that too many lesson cancellations may result in poor progress. Musical improvement greatly depends on consistent instruction and practice.
  1. Practice Expectation
  • Daily practice is vital to musical progress. All students are required to practice daily between lessons, working on the specific tasks given by their teachers.
  • Students who continually fail to complete weekly practice and therefore do not make any appreciable progress may be advised to discontinue their lessons after the end-of-term evaluation.
  1. Safety, Facilities and Behaviour
  • Melody Music Academy is not responsible for providing supervisions for students before or after lessons. Parents/guardians must pick up their children immediately after their lessons.
  • Students or parents/guardians will be held responsible for any damage caused to facilities of Melody Music Academy, such as instruments, furniture or any other part of the building or its contents.
  • To make lesson time efficient, students are asked to use toilet facilities prior to coming to the lesson.
  • Good behaviour is expected to of all students. If a student becomes disruptive, disrespectful, or otherwise misbehaves, teachers reserve the right to terminate the lesson.
  1. Parent Attendance
  • For educational efficiency, it is not recommended parents/guardians sit in on lessons. It is important that students independently develop concentration and rapport with the teacher during their lessons. However, parents may be invited in before the lesson ends to receive a lesson review and homework guidance.
  1. Media release
  • Unless requested in writing, photos, videos or audio recordings of performance events such as students’ concerts, recording sessions or general lessons may be posted on Melody Music Academy website or YouTube channel.
  • These lesson policies and procedures are non-negotiable.
  • These lesson policies and procedures are subject to change from time to time without notice, but will be updated on our notice board and a hard copy is available from our office.

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