AMEB Music Exams

We offer personalised music lessons for children and teens.

Why Music Exams?

Following the graded system of exams while learning an instrument has a number of valuable benefits for learners. It provides structured learning plans motivating leaners to work towards achieving the standard required to get to the next level of performance skills.

Successful candidates are rewarded with a AMEB certificate. This achievement certainly helps building the confidence as well as technical and theoretical progress on music studies.

When studying for a music exam, preparation is key. Effective instruction is often the defining factor between success and failure. At Melody Music Academy, you’ll get the complete exam guidance and support to get exceptional results.

We Specialise in AMEB exams

  • We plan and prepare lessons in relation to individual students’ needs and examination syllabuses
  • We guide a student with a suitable exam grade, type of exams and right exam materials required and time frame to prepare to get the best results.
  • We keep up-to-date information of AMEB Syllabus.
  • We teach music theory, aural skills, sight reading and practical techniques to entering and preparing students for examinations

Choose your favourite musical instrument!

Piano Lessons

Learn your favorite songs. Classical, Jazz, Pop…Develop your piano skills and music theory. Note-reading, ear-training, chords, scales..

Violin Lessons

Learn to play this magical instrument. Bowing techniques, left hand skills, scales, vibrato, musical expression…Classic, jazz, pops..

Guitar Lessons

Learn to play your favourite songs on the guitar. Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar…Rock School… chords…note-reading

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