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Enjoy Learning to play piano with a fully qualified piano teacher

We provide fun and creative piano lesson in Sydney for all ages and all levels.

At Melody Music Academy our highly trained piano teachers are ready to guide you with our systematic and friendly teaching methods to develop your performance skills as fast as possible while truly enjoying playing piano.

Whether you are a complete beginner or already an advanced musician our piano teachers will guide you in the best direction to achieve your goal and enjoy music more and more. You can learn Classical, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Rock’n’Roll or any songs that you would like to play.

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Following Piano Lessons are available

  • Piano Lessons For Young Beginners
  • Piano Lessons For Adult Beginners
  • Piano Lessons For Intermediate/Advanced Students
  • AMEB (Music exams) Preparation Courses: Complete exam preparation courses in all grades
  • Jazz Piano Lessons: Learn to play standard or fusion jazz. Jazz improvisation, voicings and reharmonisation.
  • Contemporary Piano Lessons: Play pop, rock or movie themes.
  • Piano Accompaniment Lessons: Piano lessons for singers or song-writers. Learn how to accompany yourself while singing. Church song accompaniment skills.

What other students say about us

From our Google and Facebook Reviews


My daughters have been learning piano at Melody Music Academy for many years now. Linda is a very patient and highly skilled piano teacher who has provided a professional, supportive and encouraging learning environment for my daughters. We are so pleased with the progress they have made over the years, it’s such a pleasure to hear them play the piano! Thank you Linda!

Maria EParent (piano)

John is a great music teacher, being very skilled, inspirational and supportive to me as a mature aged beginner with no background to piano or reading music. I have always wanted to play piano so I am very happy to learn in a quality environment.
The Melody Music Academy provides expert teachers within excellent learning facilities and wonderful instruments.
Learning to play piano at the Melody Music Academy is fun and its is a real pleasure to play quality instruments, learn and to accomplish new piano skills.

Sandra BerghoferPiano student

I have been learning piano here for years and it has been excellent. Linda has been a very helpful and attentive teacher who has taught me so much. I would highly recommend!

Sophia StefoulisPiano student

My Daughter has been learning Piano at Melody Music Academy for over a year. The School taught her good habits such as practising regularly and note reading exercises which helped her immensely with identifying notes whilst playing the Piano.

Her teacher Linda is a Wonderful teacher. Very knowledgeable in the field and very patient.

June LeParent (piano)

I have been talking piano lessons with Joni for the last 3 years. He is an excellent teacher with great knowledge about lots of different types of music, and creates a really relaxed atmosphere to learn in. I started taking lessons as an adult only able to read music, but was able to make solid progress. Joni combines both exercises that really improve your technique and the freedom to explore whatever types of music you want to play as well as the theory behind it. Highly recommended!

Sean McKenziePiano student
My daughter first started at Melody Music Academy learning piano with Linda. She enjoyed it so much she has also taken up guitar with Joni.
Both Linda and Joni are very patient and encouraging. Wonderful teachers. I have recommended them to other parents.

Fiona LahoodParent (piano & guitar)

I rang Melody Music Academy nearly one year ago seeking a guitar teacher. I am an adult and my chosen instrument for many years was the piano. When I spoke with John Park, the director of the Academy, I told him that I wanted to expand my music horizon and learn the guitar. Immediately we were able to establish a rapport and John impressed me with his vast music knowledge and ability to understand what my needs were.

After experiencing the set up and the quality of the tutoring at the Academy, I enrolled my son to study bass guitar with Linda, another great teacher at the Academy. Recently, my daughter enrolled to renew her love of the piano and she finds John an exceptional teacher.

After almost 1 year of my musical journey, I could not be happier. John has not only proven to be a great guitar mentor, he has helped me develop other areas of interest that I have, such as song writing. I would not hesitate in recommending Melody Music Academy to students of any age.

John TabarParent & student (guitar, piano & bass guitar)
Started playing two years ago as an adult piano learner. Joni knows his craft! Would highly recommend him! He’s a great listener and considerate musician in his own right! Trust the process, if your an adult thinking of picking up a music instrument it’ll do wonders for you, I know because it calms me and I really appreciate music on the radio even more because if it…
Singing and play piano is quite a challenge, now I am my own personal Choir thanks to Joni and of course the work you yourself put into it. If you can sneak an hour or two a day watching TV or playing video games you certainly can play a few chords in your own time 🙂 Take the jump!

Jason LinneyPiano student
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