Music Lessons for Children

We offer personalised music lessons for children and teens.

Give Your Child Everlasting Gift of Music

At Melody Music Academy we offer specially designed lessons for each student at a pace appropriate to them enabling them to experience the true joy of music. We teach children as young as five, as well as older and teens.

Our teaching method for children and teens combines fun and a strong music foundation, therefore, an ongoing development of technical as well as note-reading skills will be a crucial aspect of lessons and home practice. That helps young students achieve better results and build up their confidence.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think

Albert Einstein

Our Lesson Structure

  • Our music lessons are designed for the children aged 5 years and above providing the very best start to their music learning journey.
  • We offer one on one music lessons for young students: Every child learns a different way. Private lesson format helps children achieve the greatest amount of success in the least amount of time.
  • Our lessons are usually scheduled on a weekly basis.
  • We ensure our students enjoy their music learning process while developing their confidence as well as musical proficiency.

Our Focus

  • Developing strength on foundation is essential to build up a musical proficiency: working on good posture, note-reading, rhythm understanding, ear-training and so on.
  • We focus on developing techniques which can give students freedom to play anything easier, and let them proceed to the highest level of performance: Students are guided through scales, arpeggios, technical exercises specific to their needs, and pieces suitable to their taste and technical capabilities.
  • We offer practice management to develop good home practice routine which leads into successful musical outcomes.

Melody Music Academy Students Concert

Other educational tools to help youngsters enjoy music

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