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Music Lessons with Professional Music Teachers for all Ages and Levels

Welcome to Melody Music Academy

Melody Music Academy is a Sydney-based music studio that offers quality music lessons specialising in piano, violin, guitar and bass guitar.

Located in Strathfield South in Inner-West Sydney, we provide fun and creative one-on-one music tuition to students of all ages, from beginners to advanced levels whether learning music for fun, for exams or for personal development.

Join us and discover your inner musician!

Melody Music Academy Student Concert

COVID-19 information

To keep us all COVID-safe we follow government guidelines including wearing a face mask, social distancing, using hand sanitisers, frequently cleaning and ventilating indoor areas.

Music Lessons for All Ages & Levels

We offer fun and creative music lessons for all ages and levels.

Lessons for Children

Give your child everlasting gift of music. Your child will learn at their own pace and be taught note-reading skills, right techniques and musical expression.

Lessons for Adults

It’s never to late to learn a musical instrument. Pick your favorite instrument and learn to play your favorite song. We teach classical, pop, jazz, blues – you choose.

AMEB Music Exams

We have years of experience teaching the AMEB exam syllabus and helping students get the best results. Enjoy the exam preparation with a qualified AMEB teacher.

Choose your favourite musical instrument

Pick the one you want to be so good at!

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons for children and adults. Learn your favorite songs. Classical, Jazz, Pop…Develop your piano skills and music theory. AMEB Piano exams…note-reading..

Violin Lessons

Violin lessons for children and adults, AMEB Violin exams, HSC…bowing techniques, scales, vibrato, musical expression, note-reading, aural skills…Classic, jazz, pops..

Guitar Lessons

Learn to play your favourite songs on the guitar. Acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar…AMEB Guitar exams, Rock School…scales, chords…note-reading

Bass Lessons

Learn how to play the electric bass guitar. Fun and creative bass guitar lessons. Learn to play rock and roll, blues and pop. Rock School bass guitar exams. Scales, note-reading…

To play great music, you must keep your eyes on a distant star.

– Yehudi Menuhin

Why Study at Melody Music Academy?

Find out some of the benefits of learning music with a qualified, experienced and friendly teacher!

Fully Qualified and experienced teachers

We are tertiary graduated and experienced in teaching music to children, teens and adults. We know how to create the special atmosphere to enable students to feel relaxed and learn music effectively and efficiently.

Tailored lessons for individual students

As every student is unique, the lessons at our Academy are always carefully designed and planned for each student’s interest, level and ability. Enjoy learning music with a course specifically made for you!

Rapid improvement & Lots of fun

Our systematic and creative teaching methods enable the students to improve rapidly while they are having fun. When you have fun you improve faster. When you get improved the fun doubles.

  All Styles, All Levels & All Ages

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already an advanced musician we can help and guide you in the best direction to achieve your goal and enjoy music more and more. You can learn classical, pop, blues, jazz or anything you want to play.

Great music exam (AMEB) results

Music exams can be a great way to give you a well-balanced learning plan and clear direction to follow. We’ve been specialising in AMEB music exams in all grades for 20 years. More than 95% of our students get an A or A+.

Great lesson facility

All the lesson rooms at Melody Music Academy are equipped with quality instruments, air-conditioners and a plenty of musical materials to provide students the most comfortable and efficient learning environment. With a comfortable and cozy waiting room for students and parents it’s a safe and delightful place to learn music.

Photo Gallery

We bring the creativity, passion, and fun you need to fall in love with learning music.

Join us to discover your inner musician!

Video Gallery

As music is a performing art, watching a video of yourself playing music can be an incredibly powerful way to improve your musical skills including correct postures, musical expressions and many more.

What other students say about us

Our Google and Facebook Reviews

Based on 30 reviews.
Jacqui Djordjevic
Jacqui Djordjevic
My kids have been taking music lessons from Linda and John for a few years now. They are both patient and talented teachers. My kids have progressed wonderfully under their tutelage.
Jord Banga
Jord Banga
I began Piano lessons with John (Joni) earlier this year and he has been phenomenal as a teacher. He is very encouraging, patient and adaptive to different learning styles. At 30 learning a new instrument was a little daunting, however john has made the experience very enjoyable and easy. I would recommend john and melody music academy to anyone who wants to learn music!
The teachers are very sincere and passionate. He is not in a hurry, he teaches in detail and step by step
Peter Zhou
Peter Zhou
My daughter has been learning Piano and Violin at Melody Music Academy for 7 years now. She enjoys the learning process and both teachers are so nice and helpful. I am also very pleased with the her progress.
My son has leaned the piano and violin at the Melody Music school from last year. He is happy to come to the music lessons with the teachers and feels exiting with the annual students’ music concert. The teachers are patient and provide the feedback to parents after each lesson. I strongly recommend this music school to the young learners!
Maria E
Maria E
My daughters have been learning piano at Melody Music Academy for many years now. Linda is a very patient and highly skilled piano teacher who has provided a professional, supportive and encouraging learning environment for my daughters. We are so pleased with the progress they have made over the years, it’s such a pleasure to hear them play the piano! Thank you Linda!
Jonathan Vizza
Jonathan Vizza
I started learning piano this year with John at melody music academy and im so happy !! John is extremely understanding and delivers the best quality lessons . Every time I leave a lesson , I always feel like I'm improving and growing , and even outside of lessons John is always providing me with the best training books / music to help me grow as a musician . I didn't think I would already be reading music , and we also have a great relationship as well . If there's something I'm struggling with , John always provides me with extra activities to do at home , and it feels great knowing not only have I achieved so much in a short time .. but I also have a great teacher to help me reach all my music goals ! Thanks John and melody music. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great teacher and music school 🙂 ! 🎶

My daughters have been going there for over seven years now and have progressed very well. The teachers are dedicated and very professional not only in how they teach but also how they run their music studio. The studio is immaculate and the environment comfortable and safe.
Would highly recommend Melody Music to any parent wishing their children to learn an instrument.

Melina MauroParent (violin)

My Daughter has been learning Piano at Melody Music Academy for over a year. The School taught her good habits such as practising regularly and note reading exercises which helped her immensely with identifying notes whilst playing the Piano.

Her teacher Linda is a Wonderful teacher. Very knowledgeable in the field and very patient.

June LeParent (piano)

My daughter first started at Melody Music Academy learning piano with Linda. She enjoyed it so much she has also taken up guitar with Joni. Both Linda and Joni are very patient and encouraging. Wonderful teachers. I have recommended them to other parents.

Fiona LahoodParent (piano & guitar)

I have been learning guitar with Joni at Melody Music Academy for almost four years. After many, many years taking my children to music lessons it was time to indulge my lifetime desire to learn guitar.
It can be intimidating as an adult to begin at the very beginning but Joni is instinctive and intuitive and the lessons calming, therapeutic and fun. Joni is so accomplished in every style of music and many instruments.

Janet TaylorAdult guitar student
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