Music Lessons for Adults

We offer personalised music lessons for adults.

It is never too late to learn a musical instrument,

or to revisit one that you may have put away decades ago.

We provide outstanding one on one music lessons to adults from all levels and abilities, whether you are interested in studying classical, jazz or pop styles.

Our music lessons for adults are tailored to your interest, current skill level and goal that you have, so you will enjoy learning and be encouraged to practice at home.

Discover Your Inner Musician

We Will Show You How

Our Lesson Structure

  • We offers a focused, one-on-one music lesson setting for adults.
  • The studies will be structured based on consultation and each student’s current skill level, interest and goal.
  • All levels are welcome: Complete beginners, intermediate, advanced, graded exams, professional preparations.
  • No previous musical knowledge or experience is necessary.
  • The lessons are provided for either 30, 45 or 60 minutes, and our music lessons can be joined at any time during the NSW school term.

Our Focus

  • Developing strength on foundation is essential to build up a musical proficiency: working on good posture, note-reading, rhythm understanding, ear-training and so on.
  • You will develop great techniques which can give you freedom to play anything easier, and let you proceed to the highest level of performance: Various scales, arpeggios, technical exercises
  • You will learn musical expression skills to play any songs with emotional approach.
  • We offer practice management to develop good home practice routine.

John and his violin student

Other educational tools to help adult students enjoy music

  • AMEB (Music exams) Courses: Well-structured systematic music study course.
  • Music theory & history: helps you play music better.
  • Rockschool (AMEB) course: A fun and effective course for any music students extending to more varieties of music styles
  • Students concert (optional): improves a student’s stage experience and confidence.
  • Student recording sessions: a powerful tool to improve a music learner’s skills and confidence.

Choose your favourite musical instrument!

Pick the one you want to be so good at

What other students say about us

From our Google and Facebook Reviews


I have been learning guitar with Joni at Melody Music Academy for almost four years. After many, many years taking my children to music lessons it was time to indulge my lifetime desire to learn guitar.
It can be intimidating as an adult to begin at the very beginning but Joni is instinctive and intuitive and the lessons calming, therapeutic and fun. Joni is so accomplished in every style of music and many instruments.

Janet Taylor Guitar student

I have been learning piano here for years and it has been excellent. Linda has been a very helpful and attentive teacher who has taught me so much. I would highly recommend!

Sophia StefoulisPiano student

I started learning violin with Joni in July 2015. As an adult with no prior music abilities, I find Joni to be an excellent teacher. He is very attentive, and there is purpose behind every exercise. The lessons are very enjoyable, relaxing, and fun. I’m looking forward to many more lessons and continuing my progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Melody Music Academy. Thanks to Joni, I now consider myself a musician!

Veronika MamaliogaViolin student

During the past two years here, I’ve seen myself improve a lot and have learned to enjoy playing the violin. The teachers are great, the lessons are always fun and interesting.

Latisha YeboahViolin student

I have been talking piano lessons with Joni for the last 3 years. He is an excellent teacher with great knowledge about lots of different types of music, and creates a really relaxed atmosphere to learn in. I started taking lessons as an adult only able to read music, but was able to make solid progress. Joni combines both exercises that really improve your technique and the freedom to explore whatever types of music you want to play as well as the theory behind it. Highly recommended!

Sean McKenziePiano student

I started learning violin here earlier this year and I have already improved so much! They are extremely organised and professional in everything, like making lesson plans and setting make up classes, and they are also encouraging, which I think is important. I look forward to music lessons now!

Soumiya AmalanViolin student

John is a great music teacher, being very skilled, inspirational and supportive to me as a mature aged beginner with no background to piano or reading music. I have always wanted to play piano so I am very happy to learn in a quality environment.
The Melody Music Academy provides expert teachers within excellent learning facilities and wonderful instruments.
Learning to play piano at the Melody Music Academy is fun and its is a real pleasure to play quality instruments, learn and to accomplish new piano skills.

Sandra BerghoferPiano student

I have trained with Joni for the past 9 years and have loved every moment of developing my guitar skills under his guidance. I strongly recommend any future student to consider Melody Music Academy as they will not only rapidly increase their music skills but also enjoy the process. Learning guitar and music is easy with Melody Music Academy.

Luke S-ChafeiGuitar student
Started playing two years ago as an adult piano learner. Joni knows his craft! Would highly recommend him! He’s a great listener and considerate musician in his own right! Trust the process, if your an adult thinking of picking up a music instrument it’ll do wonders for you, I know because it calms me and I really appreciate music on the radio even more because if it…
Singing and play piano is quite a challenge, now I am my own personal Choir thanks to Joni and of course the work you yourself put into it. If you can sneak an hour or two a day watching TV or playing video games you certainly can play a few chords in your own time 🙂 Take the jump!

Jason LinneyPiano student
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